Tankless Water Heaters

Did you know that tankless water heaters require maintenance? It’s true! Water that goes into a tankless heater begins its journey to your faucet through small copper lines bundled together. This is called a coil. However, these copper pipes are so small that they can become clogged with sediment. This creates a blockage which becomes a “hot spot”. This can wear away at the copper and eventually cause a leak! This is why it is important to flush your tankless heater annually, or to invest in a water softener in order to protect your tankless heater!

Water Softners

In a nutshell a water softener takes the calcium and magnesium ions from your hard water and it switches it with sodium. Sodium does not damage your plumbing system. But isn’t too much sodium bad for you? Well the amount of sodium that this adds to your water is actually very small (less than 12.5 milligrams per 8-ounce glass. According to the FDA this is below the mark for “very low sodium.”


With an old toilet you may encounter a time where you hear it running constantly or every now and then. Running toilets not only waste a precious resource but it also costs you more money! A toilet that is constantly running can cost you up to $100 a month in wasted water. We can solve this with a repair or replacement of your running toilet.

Drain Clogs

Chances are you’ve experienced this. Maybe your sink doesn’t drain or your toilet doesn’t flush. Or maybe they do drain… into your bathtub. Whatever your case may be, in this situation you need a plumber with the right tools and equipment to handle the job. Call us for mainline sewer snaking or toilet augering!


A re-pipe is one of the largest plumbing jobs you can have done but sometimes it is necessary. If you find yourself having multiple leaks per year it may be time to have your whole home re-piped. Experience the piece of mind of no longer having to worry about leaks with a whole home re-pipe! Financing options available!

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