Tankless Water Heaters Require Maintenance

It’s true! If you are the proud owner of a tankless water heater you may be due for a wake-up call. Unlike their tank counterparts you can’t just love them and leave them and expect everything is going to be okay (actually, tank water heaters should be flushed as well, but we will discuss that in another article). When you go tankless it is especially important. This is because this particular type of water heater has something called a heat exchanger.

A heat exchanger is a bundle of copper tubing that water flows through. These tubes are generally smaller in diameter than your homes plumbing pipes. The water is heated by a burner placed below the heat exchanger. Some types of tankless have a secondary heat exchanger in place to catch the hot air that would otherwise be wasted and vented out of the top of the water heater through the vent. The combination of heat and the calcium in your water create something called “scale”. Scale is a substance, made primarily from calcium, that can impede the flow of water in your tankless and make it more difficult for the heat energy from the burners to transfer into the water flowing through the tubes. This will cause your tankless to work harder and create hot spots in the tubing. This can weaken the tubing and cause premature failure of your heat exchanger. There are ways to avoid this.

An annual maintenance on your tankless water heater is an important step to maintaining its long and healthy life. Flushing will help protect your heater against scale build-up. You can try to flush your tankless yourself or you can give us a call today and schedule an appointment.

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